The “build or buy” dispute has a long history. When the human civilization began everyone had to construct their own houses. With time, as for everything else, houses also come in ready-to-buy; for people who are tired of working and building families can’t and don’t want to find time which does not exist, to shop for building materials and trustworthy construction workers.

Financial research

Research and studies on how much to buy a house and how much to build one, has shown that pure figures show a higher amount to build one. But can we trust that without an understanding of the contexts? What you need to understand is, both figures depend on many other factors. For example, if you are building a house in an area where the raw materials are cheaper- maybe there are clay or soil resources which can be used to make bricks –as opposed to a city area where even labour is very costly, there will obviously be a cost difference. This is also true for buying a house; if it is in a city area with access to many facilities the price of that tend to go higher than a semi urban or a rural house. The city or village distinction will apply to many other factors from awesome garden maintenance to food delivery, too. So financial situation even after the buying or building also has to be taken in to consideration. 

 Time is money

As busy executives, we all hardly find time to come home and have a decent meal. It could be sometimes your kids who are undergoing the ill effects of the time restraint we face; it could also be a tried and failed relationship with your partner. If a family is broken due to a job, we regret the decisions made to put the company first. Building a house can also be a job; you have a financial obligation, time constraint and goals and objectives as end results. But, similar to the job which pays you to get this done, if the house construction claims more and more of your time whereby your connections with family and home are broken, who will move in to that new house is a question. Even of you are buying a house, time spent to look for an ideal place, time for inspecting it, communicating to the owners and so much more can demand more time than you imagine.

Solution for the issue

One may question, is there nothing which can be done in this day and age where people meet in the web or cloud? Do we have to spend so much time to book a construction company, sit with an architect or scouring newspapers in search of a good house? Then once we own it, do we still have to walk from home to home asking for a repairman, someone who will help with commercial gardening Brisbane and so on? No, of course not; you can use internet, 3D modelling, social media and messaging services and even more advanced software to make your decision. That being said, you must also remember that without a personal touch in the manufacturing you cannot expect a personal space in the real world, either. So, it seems the practical solution will be to spend that hard earned money and time, wisely divided to each task which needs your assistance rather than running around with no plan whatsoever.