There are certain things in life which are traditional and there are certain things which we all have adapted and these things are classically stylish. There was a time when people used to install curtains to cover the windows even doors and there were so many problems they used to face in terms of cleaning, styling, matching the curtains with the carpet so on and so forth. Then came the era when people started to move from curtains to venetian blinds Sydney. Blinds were considered as the most stylish, feasible replacement of curtains no matter what.

Honestly new things are not easily adapted; the registration of new things is difficult since we are so immune to old ways of doing things. Curtains were not only used to restrain the sight from the outside but also to cover the window and restrict the light exposure too. Other than the before mentioned there were no other issues which can be solved with the help of curtains. Blinds (when invented) solved the purpose of style as well, so let’s discuss few advantages and disadvantages of blinds:

Patterns: Although curtains were available in the market with all the patterns and style but it was sometimes pretty hard to find similar, bright and suitable patterns. When it comes to blinds pattern issue resolved altogether. Moreover blind patterns can be customized too, which means if one wants to customize the blind with his own picture or somebody else’s picture he/she can order it quite easily and the marketer will prepare the same in the shape of blinds. Which means the blind will solve the purpose of a wall frame too.

Durability: With curtains one has to remove all the curtains in order to wash them and clean the pattern. Otherwise it can create a lot of trouble for the owner. With blinds there is no need to uninstall it from the wall; it can easily be washed while hanging on the wall. Blinds can be cleaned and the chances of preservation of dust and dirt are less as compared to curtains.

Maintenance: As compared to curtains here is the negative thing with blinds one has to maintain it once in a while. Sometimes no maintenance is required but, when it is required one has to spent significant amount of money. The reason is blinds are popular and feasible because it has a mechanism of threads, plastic rods and some other things too which if; backfires requires a lot of money sometimes replacement is the only option for it. Check this link to find out more details.