Are you struck with a small space for your garden? You need not worry. When it comes to small gardens, all it requires is a little more thought into the planning of it. Even the smallest of garden places can look larger with correct planning. There is various advantages when it comes to smaller gardens. As much as it is very low maintenance you can also get very creative and make it colorful by utilizing the lighting and other effects.

First step would be to look at the view from the house. Because this is the one thing that brings freshness into your house and it is the most affected by climate. So make sure the view is such that you can enjoy the picture of your garden throughout the year. You can opt for bold geometric shapes of good cheap garden pots to play around with. If you want your garden to illustrate a bold statement you can experiment with curved edges. Or you can even balance everything out by mix and matching different geometric shapes against the mildness of the plants. This will make you garden look crisp and clean.It is important that you use at least three different types of material in your garden. You can use concrete, grass and sandstone.This provides your garden with the much need consistency and coherence. You can use deep concrete planter boxes Melbourne against grass it would look minimal and also gives room for the plants to grow. This is why when at least three materials are involved it makes a person who walks into your garden envy it. This is just about the perfect way for you to make your garden to look great.Another important factor is to combine various colors. You can use an array of colors on the painting of your pots, planters, furniture and fences. Try to have good limit on the color palette so that your garden looks classy and not overly decorated.

Another factor that does really matter the most is the lighting of the garden. This plays an important role in the view of your house from the garden. It needs to look great during the winter as well as during summer. You can try the layering method where the first layer is light on sitting areas, steps and paths, then on features such as water or small trees and finally a really subtle on the ankle level of the entire garden. So that the whole place will glow. These are a couple of ways that you can use a small place to make a great garden out of it by combining various factors such as geometrics, colors and lighting.