In my opinion, building your own house is not the same as purchasing an existing home. Though both are exciting experiences in a person’s lifetime, there is an element of excitement about building your own house from scratch that is missing in buying a house that is already established. I liken it to going into labour and birthing your own child. Having purchased an existing house as well as building my own house before, I would say that the excitement was instant when I purchased an existing house; whereas the excitement was prolonged and dragged out when I built my own house. Which was better? In the end it didn’t matter because they both had their pros and cons. One benefit of building your own house is that you can have an input in the design of the home, which was what I did. I took the builder’s standard plan and tweaked it to accommodate my family’s needs. I ended up with a house that came close to my dream home. The down side of building your own house, however, is that you feel every pinch when you start adding the various fittings into the house to make it liveable. So, to save on costs, we decided to do our own painting. Sounds like a good idea except that we had only one weekend to paint the entire house before the floor was put in. I’m sure it would have been a piece of cake for a professional painter, but for us amateurs, it was a bad idea. We did a rush job and you could tell from the patches on the wall where we were too tired. If only we had hired a professional floor experts or a painting service. 

The good thing about using a painting service to do your home painting is that they are professionals in their trade with the experience to handle all types of paint jobs no matter how big or small. This would include the standard interior and exterior paint jobs, water damage repairs, mould removal, graffiti removal and anti-graffiti paint coating, pressure washing and cleaning, wall paper removal, deck or balcony rehabilitation, driveway and garage non slip floor coatings, roof painting, heritage home restoration, etc. These professionals can advise on suitable colours and schemes for a particular project and will even ensure that they tailor their painting techniques to match the property in question, taking care to cover every step of a painting job from cleaning and sanding surfaces, filling in holes and applying the undercoat to completing the actual paint job. Because they are a painting service, many of these professional painters are also fully licensed and trained to meet Australian Safety Standards.

In the end, we didn’t really save ourselves money by painting our own house because we ended up hiring a painting service to fix the mess we made before we could sell the house a few years down the track.