No one would like to clean the bathroom, but if you want to keep it in good condition, then you have to clean the bathroom. Here are some important tips which can help you in cleaning bathroom quickly. 

Prepare to clean

Take out all those items which belong to the bathroom, like clothes, trash, and cups. Also, move out all the movable things which made a crowd in the bathroom. You need enough space to clean the bathroom entirely. 

Pour disinfectant into the toilet and clean

Before you start the cleaning process, pour some disinfectant or bleach into the toilet bowl and leave it for some time so that the disinfectant can work on the affected area. After 20 minutes, you can start cleaning the dirt or brown deposit with the help of long handle brushes. 

While cleaning the bathroom, ensure that the fan is on so that proper air circulation is maintained. 

Clean Dusty Walls

You can also encounter dust deposited at the corners of the bathroom. Start with cleaning cobwebs and then sweep the floor later. Bathroom walls usually get black patches due the dust particles and water splashes. These moulds can be removed from mould treatment products which are easily available in the market. 

Scrub powder for Dirty areas

If you find sink, tub and faucets with dirty spots, you can clean through scrub powder. Sprinkle with scrubbing powder with the sprinkler to the dirty areas and wait for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you can clean it with water to get the shine back.

Cleaning Windows

Windows usually get dirty due to the dust deposition from outside. You can spray the solution of water and disinfect on the spots and clean with a sponge. Always prefer wearing rubber hand gloves while cleaning windows or you can ask some help from the window cleaning experts

Clean the Shower

Spray the cleaning solution on the shower and leave it for few minutes. You can see clean shower by wiping it with a sponge. Here are some tips which you can apply while cleaning the shower.

• For green colored stains, cleansers which especially eliminates calcium, rust and lime is probably you need. 

• Use vinegar mixture to soak the shower in a better way. 

• Shower head contains soap scum which diminishes its shine. Hot water cleaning can help you to clean shower head easily. 

Clean the mirror

The mirror is the most important element of any bathroom. Prefer mirror cleaning with cleanser, rinse it with water and wipe with a dry towel. If you want a shiny mirror, add vinegar to the water. 

Cleaning the entire floor 

After getting a shiny shower, mirror, toilet, and sink, now it is time to wash out all the dirt out from the floor. Use long-handled sweeping tool to gather dust from every corner. Get help from commercial pressure cleaners Perth to facilitate in getting out the dirt. 

Clean and tidy bathroom leads to a healthy and germs-free life.