Painting ones house by themselves, has now become the trend. With hiring painters becoming unnecessarily expensive, most of us have turned ourselves into amateur painters when the need arises! So if you are looking for some tips that will help you get the perfect painted walls then you are in the right place! Here are some tips that have helped me get the perfect painted walls! Read below to find out some tips that may be very useful to you!

Always maintain a wet edge
When you are painting the walls, always keep in mind to do the full length with roller. And each long strip should always overlap the previous strip in order to avoid the paint drying and not being perfectly smooth. Especially during the hot seasons, painting can be a very difficult. The paints especially latex paint will begin to stiffen within a minute. So unless you are able to maintain the wet edge you with be left with uneven paint surfaces!

Clean the dirt before starting painting
One of the best but lesser known tips is that you should always clean up the wall that you intend on painting. The wall should be a clean and smooth surface if you want the paint to also look clean and perfect. Make sure that you scrub the wall free of any dirt or greasy elements that may remain on the walls. If there is moss or other weather inflicted substances on the walls, these should be removed using a hardwire brush or sand paper. You can use these for washing your affordable floor tiles sydney as well which have a more rougher surface than the usual tiled floors.

Always finish the trim first
When it comes to professional painting, there is an unspoken order in which the professionals do their job. Because for anything to look neat and nice it should be done according to an order and in a proper manner. So when it comes to painting, there is a sequence one must follow. It is noted that you should paint the trim first then the ceiling and find the walls. When painting the trim, it doesn’t matter if you accidently smear paint on to the walls. As you will be able to cover it up when painting the wall. You should only take care in painting it smoothly on the trim. When painting the wall you will have to put a painter’s tape in-between the wall and the trim to avoid the trim being smudged again. Also make sure to not spill paint on to the bathroom tiles Blacktown of the floors.

Mix all the cans at once
A fact that may come as surprising to you is that not any two cans of paint is the same. There is always a slight difference in the paints. That is why it is always advisable that you pour out the cans in to one large bucket and mix them all together and then paint the walls. You can store them in the bucket itself.