Being a first time home owner is a feeling you will not likely forget in your lifetime. After all, you might have struggled to get here, and had to sacrifice a great deal. But as exciting as it is, it is also equally nerve wrecking. After all, this being your first time, you are bound to make mistakes. To avoid this, our experts have listed below 4 commonly overlooked facts, in regards to building a home and decorating it. Read ahead to find them… 

Your portal for sunlight

Sunlight is something that is very, very vital for any home. It makes any house naturally cheerful and inviting. It also creates the illusion of space; something which will be very important in small homes. And regardless to whether you plan on having wooden shutters Wellington, thick drapes, or just have a ceiling to floor French window, be very sure that you have plenty of spots for the sunlight to seep into your home. It also helps that if your home naturally has a lot of light, you’ll be saving up on your electricity bills…!

The kind of paint you use

What kind of paint you use can make a huge difference; depending on the kind of home you own. If you have wet walls, like those attached to bathrooms (or homes that have wells), it’s important that you use paint specifically made for this. Basement apartments can also benefit from such paints. Remember that not only the type of paint you use, but the color also makes a difference. The right colors can make even the smallest of homes look large and spacious. 

Air flow and ventilation

Yes, we understand that this is the time and age where air conditioners ceiling fans and stand-fans. But despite that, and despite the world’s natural air being anything but refreshing in some parts of the word, it’s still important that you make sure your home has plenty of ventilation. If you have a particular room that you want to have ventilation for, but don’t want too much light in (like a home theater, perhaps…), then opt for using high quality vertical blinds. You can filter in the desired amount of light and ventilation.

The size, color and material of furniture you use

Though this doesn’t come under the construction part of your home, it does indeed come under the decorating part. When selecting furniture, you need to be very careful. Too big for a space, it can end up not only looking out of place; but it can also make your room appear smaller and more cramped. When selecting couches, remember to check the material of it. If you have small children prone to frequent “accidents”, choose a material and color that won’t stain easily.